China | 中國


Official schools

We work directly with the Local Governments and Education Departments to recruit for public schools, not private language institutes.

Many locations

Our program offers jobs all over China, applicants can choose to work in a large city or small town.

With you throughout

We will keep in touch with you throughout your contract and be there to help if needed. We also offer work reference letters (in English) based on your employer’s feedback.

Share our experiances

We are here to help you get prepared for your journey to China. We will answer your questions and make suggestions based on our own experiences

Live and teach in China

Over the past few decades, China has transformed itself into a global powerhouse. More and more Chinese are learning English, meaning that English teachers are always in demand. Education in China is taken very seriously from a young age. As Chinese families want to do everything they can to ensure their children succeed, learning English is seen as an essential part of a child’s education.

Teaching English overseas offers a unique opportunity to fully experience a culture very different to our own. Living in another country, you’re sure to learn just as much as your students and enjoy countless new experiences.

China is an especially fascinating destination. The country has many different ethnic groups, each with unique customs, cuisine, architecture, and fashion. China is also a country of extremes with megacities and peaceful villages,  ultra modern architecture sits beside traditional temples and palaces.

Many English Teachers choose China to learn the language, or to improve their existing knowledge of the language. Others go to increase their job prospects, employers in the West often look favorably on applicants who have China experience.

Others go to China simply to have a good time, there really is something for everyone from pristine natural scenery to high-tech computer markets, music festivals or an almost endless variety of culinary delights.

For those teachers who go to China but see teaching as just a means to an end there are many other opportunities, from office jobs to pop-singers, being a foreigner in China is a huge advantage when looking for high-paid work.


About the Programme


This is a free service for applicants, there are no hidden fees. Some schools may require applicants to fund their airfares and visa application fees first but will be reimbursed after arriving at the school.



Salaries range from 8,000 – 16,000 RMB a month (approximately $1,610 – $3224 NZD). A fully furnished apartment, a one-year (employment) visa, comprehensive medical insurance, welcome pack and a return airfare will be included.  You will also receive 5 weeks paid holiday (winter holiday plus Chinese official holidays), you may be provided opportunities to work extra hours for additional pay.



You must be a native English speaker (a second language isn’t necessary) and have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree. To meet visa regulations applicants must be a citizen of New Zealand, Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland or South Africa. Applicants must also be able to obtain a clear background check. Contracts are for a minimum of 12 months.


A TEFL or TESOL Certification is recommended but not essential. Two years or more experience is also recommended but not essential.