Dragon King Palace Cave

The Dragon King Palace Cave Scenic Area is located at the southern foot of Black Dragon Hill, Jiujiang City in Jiangxi Province. The scenic area consisted of a group of karst caves( Dragon King Palace Cave, Jade Pot Cave, and Jade Fairy Cave), Xian Zhenyan Cave, Forest Park and Lover Valley. It is a famous summer resort for sightseeing and vacation among Chinese.



Dragon King Palace Cave was discovered in 1978, this natural cave is very much like the “Dragon King Palace in the East Sea” described in Chinese fairy tales. Dragon Palace Cave is a limestone cave with a length of over 2,700 meters. In the cave are stalactites, stone curtains, and stalagmites. The cave complex includes an entrance hall, corridors, east cave, west cave and Grand cavern. In the front hall, there stand three stalagmites in a row, which looks like silver-haired elderly men. The stalagmites in the east cave are gorgeous in different shape and colors. In the west cave, a stalagmite is connected closely with the stalactite at the top of the ceiling, which resembles the magic cudgel (a weapon used by a hero in a Chinese fairy tale.) and a stone tortoise at the bottom. In Drum Music hall stands a huge stalactite which looks like a grand waterfall composed of hundreds of stalactite slices. The Grand cavern is 1,100 meters away from the cave entrance with a length of 80 meters and width of 70 meters. Stalactites which hang at the top looks like palace lanterns. In the middle sits a throne for the Dragon King.



The cave complex is illuminated by thousands of brightly coloured lights, and provide visitors a fantastic opportunity to take spectacular photos.


Location: Tianhong Town, Pengze County, Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province
Entrance Fee: RMB 68