Everything is delivered!

It’s 3am, -10 degrees outside and you feel an uncontrollable craving for McDonalds. What to do? The answer is simple, go online, place your order and wait for the food to arrive. In Korea, China and across East Asia delivery services are a given. Whether you want to eat Asian food, Western food, drink beer, have a foot massage or get a suit dry cleaned, everything can be delivered to your door.

Since I left China in 2010 delivery services have gotten even easier with the advent of WeChat Wallet. WeChat is a popular Chinese messaging app similar to WhatsApp. The wallet function is a WeChat payment system where you can buy goods and services via the app. During my recent visit to Beijing I managed to complete all my financial transactions through WeChat Wallet, and I didn’t need to leave my hotel to do any of it! The height of laziness!