Nightlife in Nanchang

Nanchang is both ancient and modern, saturated in Chinese as well as foreign cultural flavours. The city’s many traditional customs – and a cheerful festival atmosphere – can be found at tea ceremonies, stilt dances and other cultural shows and performances.

When darkness falls, the whole city is drenched in varicoloured neon lamps, becoming more charming and enchanting. Various entertainment and amusements are at your disposal, including modern nightclubs, saloons, KTVs (karaoke establishments), bars and pubs. There’s always something new to find in Nanchang’s nightlife scene.

Shows and Performances
If you want to spend your night in the traditional Chinese way, enjoying the local Opera- Huang Mei, Tea-Picking Opera, or other traditional songs and dances, try the following places.

Jiangxi Art Theater
Situated on the north of Bayi Square, the theater boasts a wide program of opera, concert, and dance drama. Besides that, it is also one of the biggest cinemas in China, showing new and popular movies regularly.
Address: No. 365 Bayi Road
Phone: 0791-6212345

Nanchang Caicha Theater
Caicha Theater is no doubt the most impressive performance venue in Nanchang. Here visitors can enjoy a series of traditional shows and performances, such as Huang Mei Opera, Tea-Picking Opera, as well as other traditional songs and dances performed in Jiangxi in the 18th century.
Hours: 09:00-20:00
Address: No.319 Zhongshan Road

Music Fountain at Quishui Square
The largest music fountain in Asia, it can rise to an altitude of 128 metres. Every night between 7pm and 9pm the fountain will be switched on and those nearby are treated to a show featuring by lights, lasers and music. The show is a must see, and is free. Every night it draws in a huge crowd of people to watch.
Location: Qiushui Square, Honggutan District
Show time: 19:50-21:15 every night

Star of Nanchang
The Star of Nanchang is the world’s third tallest ferris wheel at 160 metres (525ft). It was opened in May 2006. The Star of Nanchang has 60 enclosed air-conditioned gondolas, each carrying up to 8 passengers, for a maximum capacity of 480 passengers. A single rotation takes approximately 30 minutes; the slow rotation speed allows passengers to embark and disembark without the wheel having to stop turning. For a bird’s eye view of the city, the ferris wheel is a must.
Location: No.Jiannan Avenue, Gangjiang Park, West Honggutan District
Openinguyaf hours:
Monday to Friday:
AM:8:30-11:30  PM:2:30-10:30
Saturday & Sunday
AM 8:30-PM 10:00
Entrance fee: RMB 60 Tel:0791-6033161 6033990

Bars and Drinks

Tiantaishan Mountine Tea House
Address: Gaoshi North Road
Tel: 0795-3997716 8780338 13807958765

Fashaoyou Bar
Address: Yingtai Square
Tel:0795-8311600 13576188715

Rongquan Tea House
Address: No. 43, Gaoqiao Lu, Taijiang Qu

Xianfuge Tea House
Address: 2/F, No. 96, Wusi Lu, Gu Lou Qu

Nanchang Emerald Pearl International Club
Situated on the picturesque Wu River, this club is a fashionable entertainment center with live shows and self-serve KTV rooms.
Hours: 19:00-02:00
Address: No.101 Xinzhou Road
Phone: 0791-6578111

Nanchang Luckcool Bar
If you are looking for a quiet and relaxed place in amongst the noisy and busy city, then the Luckcool Bar is the place for you.
Hours: 20:00-03:00
Address: No.397 Shirongmen Road, near Gloria Plaza Hotel

Nanchang 698 Bar
698 is a new concept bar in Nanchang, perfectly integrating psychedelic lights and ancient decorations.
Address: No.118 South Qingshan Road
Phone: 0791-8698698
Transportation: Bus No.2, 8, 18, 24, 126, 210, 223, 12

Nanchang CD Bar
It is an ideal place for relaxing with excellent environment.
Address: No.65, Zhongshan Road, Donghu District
Phone: 0791-6267779
Transportation: Bus No.230, 33, 2, 13, 202, 301, 7


Huana KTV
Address: Dieshan Road No.478
Tel: 0791- 6709333

Dikale KTV
Address: Erqi North Road No.98
Tel: 0791-6379988 6378988


Nanchang Wanda International Cinema
Address: 333 Bayi Ave, Donghu Qu, Nanchang Shi, Jiangxi Sheng, China, 330046
Phone: +86 791 8631 1113

Jiangxi Hongdu Cinema
Address: 110 Yangming Rd, Donghu Qu, Nanchang Shi, Jiangxi Sheng, China, 330006

Jiangxi Huaying International Cinema
Address: China, Jiangxi, Nanchang, Xihu, Zhongshan Rd, 天虹商场9层
Phone: +86 791 8677 2828

Xinzhongyuan Cinema
Address: China, 江西省南昌市西湖区站前西路173号
Phone: +86 791 8641 6503