Poyang Lake

Poyang Lake is China’s largest fresh-water lake and feeds the Yangtze River. It stretches 170 kilometers from north to south, and spans 74 kilometers, with an area of 3,960 square kilometers.


The lake has a variety of scenic spots, there is a network of cycle and walking tracks around the lake and it is well supplied with accommodation and restaurants. Some of the most spectacular spots include Lake Boyang, known as the “land of rice and fish”, its endowed with a vast beautiful lake and exquisite mountains; Luoxing Boulder (Fallen-Star Boulder) is a huge boulder in the shape of a star which stands in the lake; Lake Poyang Migratory-birds Reserve is a 90 square kilometer swamp formed by a dozen of marshes, ponds, and streams. The zone is the largest winter habitat for migratory birds in the world. In recent years, hundreds of thousands of the birds dwell here during the winter. Among them are some 1500 white-cranes, 1800 young swans, 300 white storks, 500 whitehead cranes, 150 pairs of mandarin ducks.


Waterfowls Park is the largest waterfowls park in China, lying within the Migratory-birds Preservation Zone. Hotels, berths for yachts and a tower were constructed for keen bird watchers to spectate in comfort. On top of the tower, one can enjoy with a high-power telescope, the free movements of many precious birds.