There when you need us

Why I started Teach In Asia

I set up Teach In Asia in 2016 to provide adventurous English teachers a safe and easy means of finding a job in Asia.  Having been an English teacher in a few countries I have learned that while there are some amazing job opportunities there are also some that aren’t. Below are a few of the reasons why I feel Teach In Asia is better than other teaching recruitment sites:


We are people, not an online job board

Previously I have found jobs through online job boards. While job boards are a great way to ‘shop around’ for a job, you are putting your blind faith in whoever is posting the job. I have learned from first-hand experience that what is promised isn’t always the reality. When finding a job through Teach In Asia we know the schools and the communities you will be going into. We know some of the locals and will not simply say goodbye once we have partnered you up with an employer.


Getting you prepared

Before you leave we will be in regular contact to answer your questions and provide advice about the school and community you are going to. We can provide tips and suggestions about getting set up and handling any challenging situations you may run into.


Vetting out schools

Teach In Asia is a little different to most English teaching recruitment businesses. We will always try our best to vet the schools before sending a teacher there. We also work predominantly with local governments or government controlled Education Bureaus so we can feel confident that the schools where you are going to are legitimate organisations of education.


There if you need us

Very occasionally teachers are not happy with their work situation, it may be a miss communication which has been allowed to get out of hand or a disagreement over classroom management. When issues arise that cannot be sorted with some cool-headed discussion we can step in and act as a mediator.


Providing you with a job reference

One of the biggest challenges for English teachers returning home (be it New Zealand, the UK or another country) is finding work. Most employers want to see a work reference letter and talk to a referee in English. Schools will often not provide a letter or contactable reference. Teach In Asia will communicate with the school and issue a work reference letter and referee based on the schools feedback making it easier to return to work back in your home country.


Keeping an eye on what is going on

In 2003 I was living in Beijing when suddenly the city just seemed to shut down. The reason for the shutdown was SARS, a particularly unpleasant variety of the flu. At that time I was caught unaware and had no idea why I was being placed in isolation. Teach In Asia keeps an eye on what is happening in the cities where our teachers are working and will inform them of important events.  We will always do out best to ensure you don’t have any unpleasant surprises.


Having been there and experienced life as an English teacher we know what are the challenges you will face. I believe this is what sets us apart from other job placement sites.