The importance of travel insurance

While in most cases your travel will go off without a hitch (and we sincerely hope it does!) travel insurance is an essential part of any plans you have to go abroad. If something goes awry while you’re a long way from home, the last thing you or your family want to worry about is how to cover an unexpected bill if something is stolen or you find yourself in need of medical attention.
Before committing to travel insurance, you’ll want to make sure you’re clear on what it covers. Basic travel insurance is of course only going to cover the absolute basics, such as flight cancellation and perhaps a small part of any medical costs. Ideally you will want something that covers full medical costs as well as accidents and anything that may go missing (or be stolen, as the case may be).
While the majority of trips overseas don’t result in a single insurance claim, it’s better to go away with the peace of mind that comes along with having it sorted.